Orthosiphon grandiflorus


Synonym ► O. aristatus (Blume) Miq. O. spiralis (Linn.) Merrill O. stamineus Benth.

Family ► Labiatae; Lamiaceae.

Habitat ► Manipur, Naga and Lushai hills, Chota Nagpur, Western Ghats.

English ► Kidney Tea Plant, Java Tea.

Folk ► Mutri-Tulasi (Maharashtra).

Action ► Leaves—diuretic, used in nephrosis and severe cases of oedema. An infusion of leaves is given as a specific in the treatment of various kidney and bladder diseases including nephrocirrhosis and phosphaturia, also in rheumatism and gout.

Key application ► In irrigation therapy for bacterial and inflammatory diseases of the lower urinary tract and renal gravel. (German Commission E.)

Flower tops and leaves (samples from Indonesia) contained methyl ri-pariochromene A. In another sample, leaves also yielded several phenolic compounds including lipophilic flavones, flavonol glycosides and caf-feic acid derivatives. Rosmarinic acid and 2,3-dicaffeoyl-tartaric acid (67% of total phenolics, 94.5% in hot water extract) were major compounds of caffeic acid derivatives.

The leaves also contain a high percentage (0.7-00.8) of potassium salts. Presence of orthosiphonin and potassium salts help in keeping uric acid and urate salts in solution, thus prevents calculi and other deposits. The leaf extract lowers blood sugar in diabetics, but not consistently.

Orthosiphon pallidus Royle, equated with the Ayurvedic herb Arjaka and Shveta-Kutherak and known as Ajagur and Naganda-baavari in folk medicine, is used for dysuria and colic.

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