Opuntia vulgaris Mill

Family ► Cactaceae. Habitat ► Throughout the greater part of India.

452 Orchis latifolia Linn.

English ► Prickly Pear.

Action ► In homoeopathy, a tincture made from the flowers and wood, is given for diarrhoea and splenomegaly.

The fresh stalks yielded calcium magnesium pectate which exhibited antihaemorrhagic action. A flavono-side has been obtained from dried flowers. It resembles rutoside in its action of inhibiting capillary fragility. The flavonoside on hydrolysis produces trihydroxy-methoxy-flavonol and glucose. The plant is reported to contain an alkaloid. It also yields a mucilage which gives arabinose and galactose.

to convalescents suffering from chronic diarrhoea and bilious fevers. Allays irritation of gastrointestinal tracts.

Orchis species (Salep) contain mucilage (up to 50%)-glucans, gluco-mannans (partially acetylized), starch (25%), proteins (5-15%).

The leaves of Orchis latifolia contain a glucoside, loroglossin. Most of the Salep used in Unani medicine is imported from Iran and Afghanistan.

Allium macleanii Baker (Afghanistan) is known as Baadashaahi (royal) Saalab, and is used as a substitute for Munjaataka.

Orchis latifolia Linn.

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