Ophioglossum vulgatum Linn

Family ► Ophioglossaceae.

Habitat ► Moist meadows in Great Britain. Found in the Himalayas, Bihar, Assam, Pune (Maharashtra), Annamalai and Shevaroy hills (South India); up to an altitude of 2,700 m.

English ► English Adder's Tongue. Serpant's Tongue.

Action ► Fern—antiseptic, styptic, vulnerary, detergent, emetic. The mucilaginous and astringent decoction of the fern is used in angina in Reunion. An ointment, prepared by boiling the herb in oil or fat, is used for wounds.

Ophioglossum pendulum L. (Assam) is used in the form of a scalp ointment for improving the hair growth. American Adder's Tongue is equated with Erythronium americanum Ker-Gawl (Liliaceae). The fresh leaves gave alpha-methylenebutyrolactone.

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