Operculina turpethum

(Linn.) Silva Manso.

Synonym ► Ipomoea turpethum R. Br.

Family ► Convolvulaceae.

Habitat ► Throughout India up to 1,000 m; occasionally grown in gardens.

English ► Indian Jalap, Turpeth.

Ayurvedic ► Trivrta, Trivrtaa, Trib-handi, Triputaa, Saralaa, Suvahaa,

Ophioglossum vulgatum Linn.

Rechani, Nishotra, Kumbha, Kaalaa, Shyaama, Shyaamaa.

Siddha/Tamil ► Karunchivadai.

Action ► Root—purgative, anti-inflammatory (particularly used in rheumatic and paralytic affections; also in fevers, oedema, hepatic and haemophilic diseases).

White Turpeth is preferred to Black Turpeth as cathartic; the latter produces drastic purgation and causes vomiting, fainting and giddiness. White Turpeth is derived from Mars-denia tenacissima in folk medicine.

The active principle of O. turpethum is a glycosidic resin present in the drug up to 10%. It is similar to jalap resin and is concentrated mostly in the root bark. It contains an ether insoluble glycoside, turpethin, which constitutes about half of the resin and two ether soluble gly-cosides, alpha-and beta-turpethein (8 and 6% respectively).

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