Ochna jabotapita Linn

Synonym ► O. squarrosa Linn.

Family ► Ochnaceae.

Habitat ► Assam, Bihar, Orissa and Deccan Peninsula. Often cultivated in parks and gardens.

Siddha/Tamil ► Chilanti, Sherundi.

Folk ► Kanaka Champaa. (Bhuin-champaa, Bhuumi-champaka (Ochna pumila).

Action ► Bark—digestive tonic. Root—a decoction is used in asthma, tuberculosis and in menstrual disorders. Leaves— boiled and used as emollient cataplasm; used as a poultice in lumbago.

Isoflavones, along with beta-sitos-terol and oleanolic acid, have been isolated from the heartwood.

A related species, Ochna pumila Buch.-Ham. ex D. Don., found in outer Himalayas and sub-Himalayan tract from Kumaon to Assam, is reported to exhibit antitubercular activity. Tetrahydroamentoflavone has been isolated from the leaves. The plant is also used for epilepsy in folk medicine.

Synonym ► Mammea longifolia Planch. & Triana.

Family ► Guttiferae; Clusiaceae.

Habitat ► Evergreen forests of Western India from Khandala southwards to Malabar and Coim-batore.

Ayurvedic ► Surapunnaaga (Naa-gakeshara is equated with Mesua ferrea.)

Siddha/Tamil ► Nagappu, Nagesarpu.

Folk ► Laal-Naagakeshar. Surangi (Maharashtra).

Action ► Flowerbuds—cooling, stomachic, analgesic, antibacterial; used for gastritis, haemorrhoids, blood diseases, leprosy, leucoder-ma.

Flower buds are popularly known as Naagakeshar.

Flowers exhibited potent hypoten-sive, anti-inflammatory and antispas-modic activity attributed to vitexin.

Leaves gave amentoflavone, querce-tin and vitexin as major constituents.

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