Micromeria capitellata Benth

Microstylis wallichii Linn.

Family ► Lamiaceae; Labiatae.

Habitat ► Kumaon, Upper Gangetic plain, Bihar, Orissa, Western Ghats, Nilgiris.

Action ► Plant—carminative. Used as a substitute for Mentha piperata Linn.

The plant yields an essential oil (1.6%) which contains mainly pulegone (80%).

Micromeria biflora Benth., equated with Indian Wild Thyme, is found in tropical and temperate Himalayas, and in Western Ghats and hills of South India.

The principal constituent of volatile oil of Camphorata sp. is camphor; of Citrata sp. is citral; of menthata and Pulegata sp. is d-menthone; and pulegone.

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