Madhuca butyracea Macr

Synonym ► Aisandra butyracea (Roxb.) Baehni.

Family ► Sapotaceae.

Habitat ► Found in sub-Himalayan tract from Kumaon to Bhutan.

Ayurvedic ► Madhuuka (related species).

Synonym ► M. longifolia (Koen.) Macb. var. latifolia (Roxb.) Cheval. Bassia latifolia Roxb.

Family ► Sapotaceae.

Habitat ► A large tree, cultivated mainly in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar.

Ayurvedic ► Madhuuka, Madhu-pushpa, Madhusrav, Gudapushpa.

392 Madhuca longifolia (Koen.) Macb.

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