Luffa echinata Roxb

Family ► Cucurbitaceae.

Habitat ► Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Bengal and Gujarat.

English ► Bristly Luffa.

Ayurvedic ► Devadaali, Devataadaka, Jimuuta, Garaagari, Kothaphala.

Siddha/Tamil ► Panibira.

Action ► Fruit—purgative (intensely bitter and fibrous). An infusion is given in biliary and intestinal

Family ► Leguminosae; Fabaceae. Habitat ► Cultivated in gardens. English ► While Lupine, Wolfsbohne. Unani ► Turmus.

Action ► Seeds—deobstruent, carminative, alterative, anthelmintic. Used as an external application to ulcers.

The seed contains alkaloids d-and dl-lupanine and hydroxylupanine.

The principal alkaloid of Blue Lupine (Lupinus angustifolius L.) seeds is d-lupanine, also hydroxylupanine.

Luvunga eleutherandra Dalz in part.

Yellow Lupine (Lupinus luteus L.) seeds contain lupinine (0.43-0.73%) and sparteine (0.20-0.37%). Seeds are feebly cyanogenetic. Other species of Indian gardens, Lupinus hirsutus Linn. and Lupinus mutabilis Sweet, contain sparteine.

The bark contains myricadiol, tara-xerol and myricolal.

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