Lobelia leschenaultina

(Persl) Skottsb.

Family ► Campanulaceae; Lobeli-aceae.

Habitat ► Hills of South India at altitudes above 1,800 m.

Action ► Leaves—filtered solution is used in the control of aphids, tingids and mites on vegetable and other crops. Plant—poisonous to man and livestock. The leaves are cured and smoked as tabacco.

quantities of nor-lobelanine and small amounts of lobinine and minor bases.

Lobelia cardinalis Linn., Cardinal Flower, is cultivated in Indian gardens. It contains lobinaline as main alkaloid. Lobinaline depresses blood pressure but has no influence on respiration. L. erinus Linn. and L. succulenta Blume, synonym L. affinis Wall. also contain alkaloids with lobinaline 0.445%.

Lobelia cordigera Cav., synonym L. fulgens Willd., an ornamental Lobelia sp., grown in Indian gardens, contains inulin.

Lobelia pyramidalis Wall. (Himalayas from Kumaon eastwards to Sikkim and Assam at altitudes of900-2,700 m) contains 0.29-0.38% alkaloids as lobeline, and may be used as a substitute for Lobelia inflata.

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