Lilium wallichianum Schutt f

Synonym ► Menyanthes hydrophyl-lum Lour.

Nymphoides hydrophyllum Kuntze.

Family ► Menyanthaceae.

Habitat ► Throughout India, in fresh water ponds and tanks. (Considered by some authors a synonym of Nymphoides Hill.)

Folk ► Ghainchu, Tagarmuula; Panchuli, Chandmalla (Bengal); Kumudini (Maharashtra).

Action ► Plant—used in fevers and jaundice. Seeds—anthelmintic. Stalks and leaves—applied to ulcers and insect bites. A decoction is used as a wash for parasitic skin affections. The plant is used as a substitute for Swertia Chirata.

The rhizomes and roots of Nymphoides macrospermum Vasudevan (Family: Menyanthaceae) are sold in the market as Granthik Tagar. These are used as a substitute for Valeriana hard-wickii Wall. in neurological disorders and colic.

Family ► Liliaceae.

Habitat ► Western Himalayas, Nepal, Lushai hills, Manipur and hills of South India at altitudes of 3002,400 m.

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