Launaea pinnatifida Cass

Action ► Leaves—mild sedative, gastric tonic, cholagogue, diaphoretic, antiseptic, antifungal. Used as a gargle against sore throat. Oil—used externally for rheumatism and in hair dressings for dandruff. Berry— emmenagogue, antileucorrhoeic, antidiarrhoeal.

Fresh leaves from Lahore (Pakistan) gave an essential oil (0.3-0.36%) with, 1,8-cineole 42.2, eugenol 16.4, sabinene 6.5, alpha terpineol 1.6, alpha-pinene 3.4, methyl eugenol 2.4 and terpinolene 1.9%. Major components of Greek and Russian oils were 1,8-cineole followed by alpha-terpinyl acetate.

The fruit from Kumaon region gave an essential oil (5%), including among others, 1,8-cineol (28.4), methyl cinna-mate (20.1), alpha phellandrene (10.1) and alpha-pinene (9.3%).

The leaves contain sesquiterpene lactones and isoquinoline alkaloids. Ethanolic extract of leaves produces a significant decrease in blood glucose level of diabetic rabbits. It contains amylase inhibitors which can supress sugar metabolism and can be used as an antiobesity agent for pet animals.

The leaf extract has been used as an antidandruff solution.

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