Krameria triandra Ruiz

Family ► Chenopodiaceae.

Habitat ► North-western and Peninsular India.

Action ► Cardiac stimulant.

Resinous alkaloid, isolated from alcoholic extract of the plant, showed nicotinic action on autonomic ganglion and neuromuscular junction of voluntary muscles.

Fruits and leaves of a related sp., K. scoparia Schrad are used as a cardiac tonic and diuretic.

Petroleum ether extract of aerial parts contain n-alkanes, free alcohols and a mixture of sterols (mainly sitos-terol, 70.9%).

Family ► Krameriaceae.

Habitat ► Peru, Bolivia. Reported to be imported into India.

English ► Peruvian Rhatany, Krameria.

Action ► Astringent, styptic, antidiarrhoeal, vulnerary. Used for menorrhagia; topically for wounds, haemorrhoids and chilblains; as a lozenge, gargle or mouthwash for gingivitis and pharyngitis.

Key application ► For topical treatment of mild inflammations of oral and pharyngeal mucosa. (German Commission E.)

The astringency of the drug is due to condensed tannins composed of pro-cyanidins and propelargondins.

In India, the roots of Hemidesmus indicus are sometimes used as a substitute for Rhatany

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