Juniperus virginiana Linn

Jussiaea suffruticosa Linn.

Family ► Pinaceae; Cupressaceae.

Habitat ► Native to North America; introduced into India.

English ► Pencil Cedar, Red Cedar.

Action ► The berries in decoction are diaphoretic and emmenagogue like those of common juniper; leaves are diuretic. Red cedar oil is used in the preparation of insecticides. Small excrescences, called cedar apples, are sometimes found on the branches. These are used as an anthelmintic. (Yellow Cedar is equated with Thuja occidentalles.)

Juniperus procera Hochst. (East

African Cedar), J. bermudiana Linn.

  • Bermuda Cedar) and J. Chinensis Linn.
  • Chinese Juniper) have also been introduced into India.

Synonym ► Ludwigia octovalvis (Jacq.) Raven. Oenothera octovalis Jacq.

Family ► Onagraceae.

Habitat ► A native of the New World; found in marshy fields in India.

Ayurvedic ► Jala-lavanga, Bhuu-lavanga, Bana-laung.

Siddha/Tamil ► Nirkkrambu.

Action ► Cooling, diuretic, astringent, mild laxative. Used in catarrhal affections of children; applied externally for burns and scalds. Pulp of the plant, steeped in buttermilk, is used for dysentery. Root—febrifuge.

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