Iris ensata Thunb

Family ► Iridaceae.

Habitat ► Temperate Northwestern Himalaya at 1,500-2,700 m. and from Kashmir to Himachal Pradesh. Often grown in gardens.

Ayurvedic ► Paarseeka Vachaa, Haimavati, Shveta Vachaa, Baalbach.

Action ► Used in diseases of the liver.

Aerial parts contain xanthone gly-cosides; C-glycoside of apigenin and phenolic acids. Roots contain ceryl alcohol.

Natural irones, the main constituent of Orris oil, are obtained from different species of Iris. The laccases, obtained from Iris species and other plants are used in hair cosmetic preparations, as an oxidizing agent in oxidative hair dyes and permanent hair wave-setting compositions. The root extracts of Iris species are used in cosmetic preparations for the prevention of skin roughness and ageing.

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