Ipomoea aquatica Forsk

Synonym ► I. reptans Poir. Family ► Convolvulaceae. Habitat ► Throughout the greater part of India.

English ► Swamp Cabbage.

Ayurvedic ► Kalambi, Naalikaa.

Siddha/Tamil ► Vellaikeerai, Koilan-gu.

Action ► Emetic and purgative. Used as an antidote to arsenical or opium poisoning. Plant juice is used for liver complaints; buds for ringworm.

The leaves are a good source of minerals (2.1%), vitamins (especially, carotene and tocopherol). Plant is given for nervous and general debility. Whole plant gave beta-carotene, xan-thophyll, traces of taraxanthin, hentri-acontane, beta-sitosterol and its gluco-side.

The buds of pigmented variety are recommended as a food for diabetics. An insulin-like substance is reported from the buds.

The stems contain N-trans- and N-ris-feruloyltyramines, which have been found to be the inhibitors of in vitro prostaglandin synthesis.

The plant shows abundant growth in waste water and absorbs some organic and inorganic components, including heavy metals from waste water. The plant may be useful in the treatment of waste water by biogeofiltration.

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