Hygrophila auriculata

Synonym ► H. schulli (Ham.) MR & SM Almeida. H. spinosa T. anders. Asteracantha longifolia (L.) Nees.

Family ► Acanthaceae.

Habitat ► Throughout India along the banks of fresh or stagnant water ditches and swampy grounds, mixed with marshy grasses and sedges.

Ayurvedic ► Kokilaaksha, Kokilaak-shi, Ikshuraka, Ikshura, Kshuraka, Bikshu, Kaakekshu.

Action ► Used as a substitute for Centella asiatica, as a blood purifier (in cutaneous diseases); for indigestion, dysentery and nervousness.

The plant is used for treating leuco-derma.

Hydrocotyle rotundifolia Roxb. (throughout India, up to 2,350 m) is also equated with Manduukaparni.

Hymenodictyon excelsum Wall.

Unani ► Taalmakhaanaa.

Siddha/Tamil ► Neermulli.

Action ► Leaves, roots and seeds— diuretic; used for diseases of the urinogenital tract, spermatorrhoea. Seeds promote sexual vigour, arrest abortion and cure diseases due to vitiated blood. Also used for arthritis and oedema.

The seeds contain large amounts of tenacious mucilage and potassium salts, which may be responsible for the diuretic property of seeds. The seeds also contain linoleic acid (71%), besides diastase, lipase and protease.

EtOH (50%) extract of the plant is spasmolytic and hypotensive.

The chloroform soluble fraction of ethanolic extract of aerial parts exhibited promising hepatoprotective activity in albino rats.

The plant contains lupeol, stigmas-terol and hydrocarbons.

Dosage ► Seed—3-6 g powder; ash—1-3 g. (CCRAS.)

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