Habitat Western Ghats

Folk ► Chathuravalli, Chathuramulla (Kerala). Hem-maalati.

Action ► Leaves—used with clarified butter in cough, asthma, chest diseases; also in nervous complaints and rheumatism. Oil extract of the leaves is used for massage in fever, headache and backaches.

Naravelia zeylanica (Linn.) DC. Family ► Ranunculaceae.

Habitat ► The tropical forests of eastern Himalayas, Assam, Bengal, Bihar, Deccan Peninsula.

Ayurvedic ► Dhanavalli (Kerala), Chhagul-bati (Bengal).

Siddha/Tamil ► Vathomkolli, Neen-davalli.

Action ► Astringent, antiinflammatory, vulnerary, anthelmintic. Used for colic, headache, inflammations, rheumatic pain, wounds and ulcers, intestinal worms, leprosy and skin diseases. Saps of stem—effective in onychia.

Family ► Amaryllidaceae.

Habitat ► All over Europe. Grown in Indian gardens.

English ► Narcissus, Daffodil, Lent Lily.

Action ► Bulbs—powerfully emetic, diuretic, purgative. Poisonous. Oil is applied for curing baldness.

The bulbs are imported into India. Dried and sliced bulbs are sold as a substitute for bitter hermodactyls.

Alkaloids, lycorine, pseudolycorine, galanthamine, haemanthamine and narcisine, have been isolated from the bulbs of the species. The alkaloid nar-cisine is toxic.

The mucilage, narcissus T-gluco-mannan, isolated from the bulbs, was found to exhibit significant hypogly-caemic activity in mice.

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