Habitat Throughout India in moist places

Sida rhombifolia Linn.

English ► Country Mallow.

Ayurvedic ► Balaa (yellow-flowered var.), Sumanganaa, Khara-yashtikaa, Balini, Bhadrabalaa, Bhadraudani, Vaatyaalikaa.

Unani ► Bariyaara, Khirhati, Khireti, Kunayi.

Siddha/Tamil ► Nilatutti.

Action ► Juice of the plant— invigorating, spermatopoietic, used in spermatorrhoea. Seeds— nervine tonic. Root—(official part in Indian medicine) used for the treatment of rheumatism; neurological disorders (hemiplegia, facial paralysis, sciatica); polyuria, dysuria, cystitis, strangury and hematuria; leucorrhoea and other uterine disorders; fevers and general debility. Leaves—demulcent, febrifuge; used in dysentery.

Ephedrine and si-ephedrine are the major alkaloids in the aerial parts. The total alkaloid content is reported to be 0.085%, the seeds contain the maximum amount. In addition to alkaloids, the seeds contain a fatty oil (3.23%), steroids, phytosterols, resin, resin acids, mucin and potassium nitrate.

The root contains alkaloids—ephed-rine, si-ephedrine, beta-phenethyl-amine, carboxylated tryptamines and hypaphorine, quinazoline alkaloids— vasicinone, vasicine and vasicinol. Choline and betaine have also been isolated.

A sitoindoside, isolated from the plant, has been reported to exhibit adaptogenic and immunostimulatory activities. Alcoholic extract of the plant possesses antibacterial and antipyretic propeptide. Ethanolic extract of the plant depresses blood pressure in cats and dogs.

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