Gloriosa superba Linn

Glossocardia bosvallia DC.

Habitat ► Throughout tropical India, up to 2,350 m on the hills.

English ► Glory Lily, Super Lily, Tiger's Claws.

Ayurvedic ► Laangali, Laangaliki, Laangalaki, Laanglaahva, Indra-pushpi, Agnishikhaa, Anantaa, Vishaalyaa, Halini, Sirikramaa, Shukrapushpikaa, Vahnimukhi, Garbhanut, Garbhapaatani. Kali-haari (Costus specious Koen., is also used as Kalihaari), Kalikaari.

Siddha/Tamil ► Kalappankizhangu.

Action ► Tuberous root—anti-inflammatory, alterative, an-thelmintic, antileprotic. Used for piles, swollen joints, parasitical affections of skin. Fresh juice of plant—uterine stimulant.

The root contain colchicine 0.230.3%. Colchicine and its derivatives are present in tubers, seeds and flowers.

The seeds are used as raw material for preparing drugs for gout. They are considered a rich source of colchicine and gloriosine.

The herb is a gastrointestinal irritant.

Dosage ► Detoxified tuberous root— 125-250 mg. (API Vol. III.)

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