Gironniera reticulata

Synonym ► G. cuspidata Kurz.

Family ► Ulmaceae.

Habitat ► Northeastern parts of India and in Deccan Peninsula.

Siddha/Tamil ► Kodaittani.

Folk ► Narakyaa-ood (Maharashtra, Indian bazar).

Action ► Blood-purifier in itch and cutaneous eruptions; mixed with lemon juice, applied externally.

The wood contains a skatole and silica (0.86-1.2%).

Family ► Aizoaceae.

Habitat ► Drier parts of Northern and Western India and Deccan Peninsula.

Ayurvedic ► Elavaaluka (var.). (Prunus cerasus Linn., Rosaceae, is the accepted source of Elavaaluka.)

Action ► Anthelmintic. Fresh herb is used for taenia.

The plant contains triacontane, do-triacontane, myristone, sugars, and flavonoids.

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