Girardinia heterophylla Decne Gisekia pharnaceoides Linn

Synonym ► G. diversifolia (Link) Eriss.

Family ► Urticaceae.

Habitat ► Temperate and sub-tropical Himalayas from Kashmir to Sikkim, and in Assam and Khasi hills.

English ► Himalayan Nettle.

Ayurvedic ► Vrishchikaa.

Folk ► Bichhuu-booti, Awaa, Chikri.

Action ► Leaves—decoction is given in fevers; applied externally to swollen joints, also as a paste for headache. (Due to stringing hair, the plant causes dermatitis and is known as Bichhuu.)

The leaves contain 5-OH-trypta-

mine and histamine, also AC-choline.

The plant gave beta-sitosterol.

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