Garuga pinnata Roxb

Synonym ► Ceriscoides turgida Roxb. Family ► Rubiaceae.

Family ► Burseraceae.

Habitat ► Throughout India, up to 1,000 m on the hills.

English ► Grey Downy Balsam.

Ayurvedic ► Paaranki, Kharpata. (Kinkiraata, Karnikaara, Mri-galindika are doubtful synonyms.)

Siddha/Tamil ► Karre Vembu, Arunelli.

Action ► Fruit—stomachic. Leaf— astringent, antiasthmatic. Bark— antidiabetic.

Gentiana kurroo Royle. 283

The leaves and stem bark contain sterols, sitosterol, stigmasterol and campesterol; fatty acids; aliphatic compounds; a mixture of long chain esters; along with tannins and waxes. The leaves also contain garu-garin and amentoflavone. Gum-resin contains alpha-amyrin, butyrospermol and dammarandiol.

Aqueous and ethanolic extract of the leaves exhibit anti-inflammatory and antiallergic activities.

about the regression of tumours in mice and dogs.

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