Garcinia hanburyi Hook f

Family ► Guttiferae; Clusiaceae.

Habitat ► Tropical forests of Assam, Bengal, Orissa and the Andamans.

Ayurvedic ► Paaraavata, Kowaa.

Action ► Sun-dried slices of the fruit are used in dysentery. The latex is used as febrifuge. Gum-resin— drastic cathartic (may produce nausea and vomiting).

The fruits from Assam contain: total soluble solids 9.8, titrable acidity 4.7, total sugars 3.8% and vitamin C 8.64 mg/g

The latex gave xanthones, cowanin, cowanol, cowaxanthone and norcow-anin.

Family ► Guttiferae; Clusiaceae.

Habitat ► Evergreen forests of Assam and Khasi Hills.

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