Folk Tenti

Action ► Anti-inflammatory (used for enlarged cervical glands, sciatica, rheumatoid arthritis; externally on swellings, skin eruptions, ringworm). Fruits and seeds—used for urinary purulent discharges and dysentery. Flowers and seeds— antimicrobial. The fruit is used as a pickle.

The root bark contains spermidine alkaloids, used for inflammations, asthma and gout.

Activity of the seed volatiles against vibro cholerae has been recorded.

Aqueous extract of the plant exhibits anthelmintic activity; seeds contain antibacterial principles—glucocapparin;

isothiocynate aglycone of glucocap-parin.

The blanched fruits, when fed to rats at 10% dietary fibre level, showed a significant hypocholesterolaemic effect, which is attributed to its hemicel-lose content.

Pickled fruits are use for destroying intestinal worms.

Action ► Antiseptic, antipyretic. Used for eczema and scabies.

Leaves contain taraxasterol, alpha-and beta-amyrin and beta-sitosterol, erythrodiol and betulin.

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