Folk Tatri Arkhar Punjab

Action ► Galls—astringent and expectorant. Used in ointments and suppositories employed in the treatment of haemorrhoids, swellings and wounds. Fruits— spasmolytic. Used for colic, diarrhoea and dysentery.

Dry galls contain 50 to 80% tannin (in the form of Gallo tannic acid); small amounts of fat, resin and gum. The stem-bark contains 10.5% tannin. The fruit contains tannin, gallic acid and potassium acid salts, together with small amounts of aluminium, calcium, magnesium and iron acid salts of malic, tartaric and citric acids.

The heartwood contained the flavo-noids, pongapin, tetramethoxyfisetin and demethoxykanugin, and a diben-zoylmethane, ovalitenone.

Rhus hookeri Sahni & Bahadur, synonym R. insignis Hk. f. is found in Sik-kim Himalaya from Nepal to Bhutan at 1,600-2,000 m and in Khasi Hills at 1,500 m. Juice of the plant is a powerful vesicant. The fruit contain a fat similar to that found in the fruit of R. javanica.

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