Folk Pittapaaparaa

Action ► The plant is used as a substitute for Fumaria parviflora.

A decoction of the herb is used for blood purification and in skin diseases, especially psoriasis.

Methanolic extract of the plant exhibits antimicrobial activity against Sarcina subflava.

The herb contains several isoquino-line alkaloids which are common to Fumaria officinalis and Fumaria parviflora.

Protopine showed smooth muscle relaxant activity in guinea-pigs, rabbits and albino rats and hydrocholeretic activity in anaesthetized dogs. L-tetra-hydrocoptisine showed antipsychotic (neuroleptic) activity in albino rats and mice. Narceimine, narlumidine, adlu-midine and protopine nitrate exhibit anti-inflammatory activity.

Alkaloids, narlumidine and pro-topine, exhibit significant antifungal activity.

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