Folk Pichhi Machhipatri

Action ► Anti-amoebic, antidysen-teric, febrifuge, analgesic, emmena-gogue.

The grass was introduced into India during 1950 s (it first appeared in Pune).

The grass exhibits in vitro anti-amoebic activity against axenic and polygenic cultures of Entamoeba his-tolytica, comparable to the standard drug for amoebiasis, Metronidazole.

Parthenin and some of its derivatives exhibited significant antimalarial activity against a multi drug-resistant strain of Plasmodium falciparum.

The main toxic constituent of the grass responsible for causing dermatitis and other forms of allergy are parthenin and coronopilin. Parthenin in present up to 8% in the capitulum and 5% in the leaves.

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