Folk Muraa var

Action ► Fruits—extracts used for osteoporosis, gynaecological problems and stress-related disorders. Seeds—prescribed in rheumatism and renal diseases.

In Japan, the plant is mainly used for the treatment of swelling of women's genitals.

The aerial parts contain the chromo-nes, cnidimol and karenin. The fruits contain the benzofurans, cnidioside A, B and C, cnidiol b and C; besides fura-nocoumarins, imperatorin, bergapten, xanthotoxin, osthol and several ter-penoids. The seeds and volatile oil from the fruits also contain osthol and other coumarins.

The coumarins prevented glucocor-ticoid-induced osteoporosis in rats; they also reversed bone loss at early menopausal stage. Osthol showed antiallergic activity. Cnidioside A and B and cnidiol b alleviate physiological disorders caused by physical and mental stress; enhancement of sexual activity has also been observed.

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