Folk Mahaanibu Sadaaphal

Action ► Fruit—cardiotonic. Leaves, flowers and rind—used as a sedative in nervous affections. Leaves— used in convulsive cough, chorea, epilepsy, also in the treatment of haemorrhagic diseases. A lotion of boiled leaves used hot in painful swellings. The essential oil from fresh leaves exhibits dermatophytic, and fungistatic activity.

The root-bark contains beta-sitos-terol and acridone alkaloids. It also contains several coumarins. The alkaloids and coumarins show antimicrobial acitivity.

The essential oil from the leaves and unripe fruits contain 20% limonin, 30% nerolol, 40% nerolyl acetate and 3% geraniol.

diosmin, beta-sitosterol and beta-D-glucoside. The roots contain campes-terol, stigmasterol, sitosterol and cholesterol.

Aqueous extract of the peel showed hypotensive action in dogs.

The fruits and seeds are a cardioton-ic; found useful in palpitation.

Dosage ► Fruit—10-20 ml juice. (API Vol. III.) Leaf, flower, fruit, root— 50-100 ml decoction. (CCRAS.)

Citrus medica Linn.

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