Folk Luvuni

Action ► Leaves—insecticide, an-thelmintic, styptic, externally used as suppurant. Unripe and dried fruit—antidysenteric. Bark— powerful astringent, used as antidysenteric and vermifuge.

Rootbark, leaves and stems gave iso-quinoline alkaloids. Two acetogenins, annoreticuin and isoannoreticuin, isolated from the leaves, were found to be selectively cytotoxic to certain human tumours.

The leaves and stems also gave al-kaloids—dopamine, salsolinol and co-claurine.

Annona reticulata, Annona muri-cata, Annona squamosa and Annona cherimola are known as Raampha-la, Lakshman-phala, Sitaa-phala and Hanumaan-phala, respectively.

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