Folk Khatuaa

Action ► Antispasmodic, pectoral, haemostatic, emmenagogue. Employed in treating nervous affections, particularly chorea. Dried herb—anthelmintic against round and hookworms.

142 Chenopodium botrys Linn.

Ascaridole, an active constituent of the oil, is highly active against round-worms, hookworms and small, but not large, tapeworms. It is highly toxic and can cause serious side effects.

The oil has been found useful in amoebic dysentery and intestinal infections (should be used with caution).

Leaves contain kaempferol-7-rham-noside and ambroside.

A decoction of the herb is given as an internal haemostatic and the infusion as an enema for intestinal ulceration. The infusion is sudorific and diuretic.

The oil exhibits antimicrobial and strong antifungal activity against human pathogenic fungi.

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