Folk Gondani Gondui Khaajaa

Action ► Bark—astringent, used in the form of a liniment in rheumatism. Paste of the stem bark is applied to wounds.

The bark contains 16-40% tannin. Presence of a triterpene ketone in the bark is reported. The bark exhibited hypotensive properties in pharmacological trials. The extract of the bark significantly increased the mean survival time of mice infected intracere-brally with vaccinia virus. Ripe fruit pulp contains beta-sitosterol and gallic and ellagic acids.

Brucea sativa

National Formulary of Unani Medicine, Part I, equated Jirjeer with Brucea sativa Mill. or Nasturtium officinale R. Br.

Nasturtium officinale, found in Europe, is known as watercress. Indian cress is cultivated in gardens as a creeper. Brucea is a totally different species (Simaroubaceae). Taraamirra of Unani medicine should be equated with Eru-ca sativa and not with Brucea sativa. Action ► Taraamiraa (Jirjeer)— used in Unani medicine as a spermatic tonic (powder of seeds is administered with a half-fried egg), also as a blood purifier, diuretic, emmenagogue and deobstruent. Leaf juice—used as a lotion for blotches, spots and blemishes.

Nasturtium officinale (Brassicaceae): Antiscorbutic and stimulant. A rich source of vitamins A and E, also of ascorbic acid. Seeds contain glucon-casturtin. Used for metabolic disorders, anaemia, strangury, kidney and bladder disorders and catarrh of the respiratory tract.

Eruca sativa Mill.: Cultivated in North India; known as Taraamiraa, Siddhaartha, Bhutaghna. Seeds are used like mustard. Seeds—antibacterial. Crude juice of the plant inhibited E. coli, S. typhi and B. subtlis. Seeds contain (4-Me-thio)-Bu-glucosinolate (glucoerucin) as K and tetra-Me-N salts. A composition is used in induration of liver.

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