Folk Gilaas Krusbal

Action ► Fruit stalks—diuretic, antiinflammatory, astringent, used for oedema, inflammation of urinary

520 Prunus cerasoides D. Don.

tract, cystitis, nephritis, urinary retention.

The stems contain salicylic acid, organic acids tannins and potassium salts. Protocatechuic, p-coumaric, fer-ulic and diferculic acids have been identified in the shoots.

The fruit contains salicylates and cyanogenic glycosides, and vitamin A, B1 and C. Sugars consist mainly of glucose and fructose, with sucrose as a minor component. Malic acid is the principal acid, small amounts of citric, tartaric and succinic acids are also reported. The lipids of the fruit pulp contain cis-vaccenic acid.

The acetone extract of peduncle gave an isoflavone, prunetin, which on hydrolysis yielded an aglycone identified as prunetin and sugar as glucose.

The seeds contain a cyanogenic gly-coside and are toxic. The bark contains tannins up to 16%.

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