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Action ► Wheat germ oil is rich in tocopherol (vitamin E) content, total tocopherols 1897 mcg/g, alpha tocopherol 67%. The presence of ergosterol (provitamin D) has also been reported.

Wheat germ is also used for its minerals, proteins and lipid contents. Germ proteins are rich in lysine (5.285.55 g/100 g protein) and possess high biological value (94%) and protein efficiency ratio (2.9).

Wheat germ contains haemaggluti-nating and antipyretic factors, but these are destroyed by toasting. It also contains haemoproteins, possessing per-oxidase activity.

In adult rats, addition of wheat germ (7%) to a high fat (cholesterol) diet significantly decreased VLDL-cholesterol and VLDL-triglycerides and increased the HDL-cholesterol after-7 weeks of feeding.

Bran oil contains tocopherols, but major part of them (68%) is in epsilon form; alpha-tocopherol forms only 11% of the total.

Gluten lipids, associated with gluten, contain a high percentage of linoleic acid; lowering of serum cholesterol level has been observed in experiments (lipid-free gluten is devoid of cholesterol-lowering effect).

Tulipa gesneriana Linn. 677

Sensitivity to gluten has also been reported (even when whole wheat flour was used).

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