Folk Garaheduaa Gargari

Action ► Fruits—a decoction is used for catarrhal affections of the air passage and inflammation of the urinary tract. Seed— diuretic. Root—used in menstrual disorders. Leaves—used as a drink for inducing fertility in women.

The seeds contain trans-ferulyl stig-mastanol and trans-ferulyl campes-tanol, which form part of an ovulation-inducing drug. Seed extract—immu-no-enhancer, used for the prevention of cancer and infections. Seeds exhibit anti-tumour and anticomplimenta-ry activities. Seeds contain coixeno-lides, a mixed ester of palmitoleic and vaccenic acids, which is an anticancer agent.

The bigger var. of the grass is equated with Coixgigantea Koenig ex Roxb., also known as Gavedhukaa and Gar-gari.

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