Folk Daankuni

Capparis aphylla Roth. 117

Action ► Anticonvulsant, CNS depressant, anti-inflammatory, hepatoprotective.

The plant contains calcium 0.38; magnesium 0.16; potassium 1.66 and iron 0.23 g/100 g; copper 18.97, zinc 70.50; manganese 9.60, cobalt 3.15 and chromium 0.60 mcg/g.

Roots contain beta-amyrin, friede-lin, genianine and 16 xanthones including mangiferin. Mangiferin is protective activity against induced liver injury in albino rats. Xanthones also showed activity against Mycobacterium tuberculosis.

Dried crude powder of the whole plant exhibited anticonvulsant activity in albino rats.

Canscora diffusa (Vahl) R. Br. ex Roem. & Schultes (synonym C. lawii Wt.), found throughout India at 1,100 m, is used as a substitute for C. decussata.

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