Folk Daadmaari

Action ► Leaf—used in skin diseases like herpes, blotch, eczema, mycosis (washerman's itch). Dried leaves— in leprosy. A strong decoction is used for ringworm, eczema and herpes. Leaves are also used as a purgative.

Young pods contain rhein, emodin and aloe-emodin. The antibacterial activity of the leaves is reported to be due to rhein. The roots contain an-thraquinone. Emodin, aloe-emodin and anthraquinone contribute to the purgative activity of the leaves and roots. Crushed leaves or roots are

Cassia auriculata Linn. 127

rubbed on to the skin to cure ringworm and to control Tinea imbricata, a skin fungus.

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