Folk Chirchiti Marang Chirchiti

Action ► Febrifuge, antiinflammatory. In Brazil, the plant is externally used for purulent ulcers and internally for rheumatic

624 Stellaria aquatica (L.) Scop.

inflammations and fever. An infusion of the bark is used against diarrhoea and dysentery.

The leaves contain friedelin, stig-masterol, ursolic acid, hispidulin, scu-tellarein, choline, phenolic acids, chlo-rogenic acid and flavonoids—6-hy-droxyluteolol-7-glucuronide, luteolol-7-glucuronide and apigenol-7-glucu-ronide. Stems and leaves gave an iri-doid glycoside, tarphetalin (ipolami-ide). The leaves are reported to be used for colds and cough.

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