Folk Chenaa Chi Tibet

Action ► Seeds (grains)—demul-cent; used in diarrhoea. Plant— antigonorrhoeal.

462 Papaver rhoeas L.

The seedlings contain an alkaloid hordenine (beta-p-hydroxyphenethyl dimethylamine). Saponins afforded diosgenin and yamogenin isolated from the leaves.

The grains contain 10-18% of proteins which include prolamin, glutelin and smaller amounts of albumin and globulin. The protein has a biological value of 56% and a digestibility coefficient of 91% at 10% level of protein intake.

In Indian medicine, Chinaaka and Kangu (Setaria italica L. Beauv.) are synonyms.

(0.015%). The capsules contain morphine, thebine and narcotine and me-conic acid.

Other species, commonly grown in Indian gardens, are P. nudicaule Linn. (Iceland Poppy) and P. orientale (Oriental Poppy). P. nudicaule plants with yellow flowers are more cyanogenetic than those with red or white flowers. P orientate contains 0.16% alkaloids, which include the-baine, isothebaine, protopine, glauci-dine and oripavine. Isothebaine stimulates and later depresses the central nervous system.

Papaver rhoeas L.

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