Folk Aalubaalu Gilaas

Action ► Fruit—diuretic, antiinflammatory. Used for genitourinary inflammations, cystitis and urine retention. Bark—febrifuge, antidiarrhoeal. Fruit stalk—diuretic. Fruit stalk and stem—pectoral. Bark and fruit stalk—astringent. Kernel—nervine. Leaf—an infusion is given for convulsions in children.

Key application ► Heartwood—in skin eruptions, erysipelas, obstinate skin diseases, haemorrhagic

Prunus persica Batsch. 521

diseases. As a tonic for promoting conception. (The Ayurvedic Pharmacopoeia of India.)

The leaves, fruits and bark gave flavone glycosides. The bark contains 5-7% tannin. The kernel contains a considerable proportion of hydrocyanic acid. The leaves contain amyg-dalin. (Amygdalin, a nitrile glycoside, has been reported to inhibit the growth of Sarcoma-180 cells in culture.)

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