Family Verbenaceae

Habitat ► The sub-tropical Himalayas and in Assam, extending southwards through West Bengal, Bihar, Orissa into Deccan Peninsula. Roots are usually confused with those of Clerodendrum serratum and are sold as Bhaarangi.

Siddha/Tamil ► Siru Thekku.

Folk ► Gethiaa, Ghantu Bhaarangi. Baaman-haati (Bengal). Fruits are known as Bhuumi-jambu, Phin Jaamun. The root is known as Bhaarangamuula; in Andhra Pradesh, Gandu Bhaarangi.

516 Premna integrifolia Linn.

Action ► Root and leaves—given in asthma, rheumatism.

The root contains several diterpe-noids. Quinonemethide (bharangin) is reported from the plant.

controlling the activity of the adreno-corticotropic hormone.

Dosage ► Leaf, root bark—50-100 ml decoction, powder—1-3 g. (CCRAS.)

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