Family Schizaeaceae

Habitat ► Throughout India; up to an elevation of 1,500 m in the Himalayas.

Folk ► Vallipana (Malyalam); Bhuuta-bhairavi (Bengal), Bhuuta-raaj; Kalzhaa (Bihar). Rudrajataa is a doubtful synonym.

Lyonia ovalifolia (Wall.) Drude. B89

Action ► Plant—expectorant. Root— used in external applications for rheumatism, sprains, cut wounds, eczema, scabies, carbuncles. A decoction in drunk in gastric attacks.

The acetone extract of fresh leaves exhibits antifungal activity. The fern contains a methyl ester of gibberellin.

The plant contains lygodinolide, dryocrassol, tectoquinone, kaempfer-ol, beta-sitosterol and stigmasterol. The root contains quercetin.

Alcoholic extract of the plant exhibited potent antifertility activity.

L. japonicum Sw., found in North India from Kashmir to Sikkim and Bhutan, and in Western mountains of South India, is used as an expectorant in China.

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