Family Rutaceae

Habitat ► The sub-Himalayan tract from Garhwal to Sikkim; also in Chakrata range.

Folk ► Ratanjot (var.), Rowana. Surasi is a doubtful synonym.

Action ► Bark—anti-inflammatory, spasmolytic; used in veterinary medicine for wounds and sprains.

Aerial parts contain coumarins— clausmarins A and B. Coumarins exhibit spasmolytic activity. The root also contains coumarins. Root and stem bark of Clausena excavata Burm. f. Eastern sub-Himalayan tract, Orissa and Bihar) also contain coumarins— clausenin and clausenidin. The root bark exhibits antibacterial activity against both Gram-positive and Gramnegative bacteria.

A related species, C. anisata (Willd.) Oliver, is reported from Uttar Pradesh. Ethanolic extract of the aerial parts exhibited spasmolytic activity. The fu-ranocoumarins, anisolactone, xantho-toxol, indicolactone, imperatorin and 2', 3'-epoxy-anisolactone have been isolated from the extract.

In West African traditional medicine, the decoction of the root is given to control convulsions in children. The

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