Family Rutaceae

Habitat ► Bihar, Orissa, Bengal, Sikkim, Nepal, Assam, Khasi, Aka and Lushai hills.

Action ► Bark of the root, stem and branches—used in the treatment of tubercular cases.

The root contains coumarins, mi-cromelin, phebalosin and yuehchak-ene.

Micromelum pubescens Blume, synonym M. minutum (Forst. f.) Seem. is found in the Andamans. The plant is used in Malaya and Indonesia for phthisis and chest diseases. The root is chewed with betel for coughs.

The leaves contain coumarins, mi-cropubescin and phebalosin.

The bark contains phebalosin. The roots contain micromelumin, phe-balosin, imperatorin, angelical, lime-ttin, scopoletin, minumicrolin and murrangatin.

414 Micromeria capitellata Benth.

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