Family Rutaceae

Habitat ► Wild in the warm valleys of the outer Himalayas. Cultivated in the plains.

English ► Acid or Sour Lime, Country Lime.

Ayurvedic ► Nimbuka.

Siddha/Tamil ► Elummichhai, Thurinjippazham.

Action ► Antiscorbutic, stomachic, appetizer, refrigerant. Used in bilious vomiting. Leaves—an infusion is given for fever in jaundice, for sore throat, thrush. Root—an infusion is given for colic and dysentery, also as febrifuge.

Limes are rich in vitamins, minerals and alkaline salts, but not in fruit sugars. Lime peel contains ergosterol. An enzyme, 1,3-beta-glucan hydrolase has been reported from the bark and leaf extract. See C. limon.

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