Family Liliaceae

Habitat ► Assam, Khasi and Garo Hills, eastwards to upper Burma, Indo-China and southern China.

Ayurvedic ► Dweepaantara-Vachaa, Chobachini (bigger var.).

Action ► Roots—used for syphilis, venereal diseases and sores, as a blood purifier.

Solanum aculeatissimum Jacq. 609

Astilbin, 3-O-caffeoyl-shikimic, fer-ulic, palmitic, shikimic and succinic acids; engeletin, isoengeletin; glucose; daucosterol, beta-sitosterol, stigmas-terol are major constituents of the root.

Crude saponins, isolated from the plant, produced preventive effect on cholesterol-fed atherosclerosis in quails.

Ayurvedic ► Maitri.

Action ► Roots—used as a substitute for Hemidesmus indicus. Used for venereal diseases, urinary infections, rheumatism. Also used for dysentery. (S. perfoliata Lour., synonym S. prolifera Roxb. is used as a substitute for S. ovalifolia.)

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