Family Fabaceae

Habitat ► Throughout India, in the plains ascending to 1,200 m in Kumaon and 1,800 m in Kashmir.

Ayurvedic ► Tripaadi, Hamsapaadi (Kerala).

Siddha/Tamil ► Seruppadi.

Folk ► Jangali Methi, Ran-methi.

Action ► Fresh leaves—used internally as galactagogue and for diarrhoea; applied externally to wounds and abscesses. Root— diuretic. Also used for cough, asthma.

The leaf contains alkaloids (0.010.15%), major being beta-phenylethyl-

Dicentra canadensis Walp. 211

amine; also contains tyramine and hy-paphorine. Hypaphorine is present in roots as well. Root contains 0.010.02% alkaloids.

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