Family Bignoniaceae

Habitat ► Throughout India, especially in the moist regions.

English ► Trumpet Flower, Yellow Snake tree.

Ayurvedic ► Paatalaa, Paatali, Paata-lai, Krishna-vrantaa, Madhu-duuti,

Kaama-duuti, Ativallabhaa, Taam-rapushpi, Kuberaakshi. Amoghaa, Kumbhipushpi, Ambuvaasini. Copper-red-flowered var., known as Taamrapushpi, is equated with S. suaveolens (Paatalaa) and the white-flowered one with S. chelenoides. (Paatalai).

Siddha/Tamil ► Paadiri.

Action ► The Ayurvedic Pharmacopoeia of India recommends the root of Paatalaa in lipid disorders; the stem bark in oedema and retention of urine.

The white-flowered var. purifies blood, increases appetite and is prescribed for vomiting, hiccough, thirst, oedema and inflammatory chest diseases.

The copper-red-flowered var. is prescribed in difficult breathing, vomiting, oedema, flatus and high fever.

Ethanolic extract of the plant showed hypoglycaemic and anticancer activity experimentally.

A decoction of S. personatum root is prescribed for asthma and cough; of the leaves in chronic dyspepsia. A decoction of the root and leaves is credited with antipyretic properties. The bark exhibited antibacterial and antitubercular properties.

A decoction of S. suaveolens roots is prescribed for intermittent and puerperal fevers, inflammatory affections of the chest. Extracts of the plant contain lapachol.

The leaves of S. chelonoides contain a flavone, stereolensin. The bark gave an iridoid glycoside; the root bark gave n-triacontanol and beta-sitosterol; the root heartwood gave la-

Striga gesneroides Vatke. 627

pachol, dehydro-alpha-lapachone and dehydrotectol. Ceryl alcohol, palmitic, stearic and oleic acids were isolated from the root. Lapachol exhibited cytotoxic activity.

Dosage ► Stem bark (white-flowered var.)—3-6 g powder. (API, Vol. IV.) Root (red-flowered var.)—5-10 g powder. (API, Vol. III.)

more effective. Crude extract is used for filaria.

The Central Drug Research Institute, Lucknow, has developed an an-tifilarial drug from the crude extract of stem. The stem bark is reported to cure filarial lymphangitis, lym-phoedema, chyluria caused by filaria-sis.

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