Excoecaria agallocha Linn

Family ► Euphorbiaceae.

Exogonium purga Benth.

Habitat ► The coastal and tidal forests of India.

English ► Blinding tree.

Siddha/Tamil ► Kampetti, Tillai, Agil, Ambala-vrksham.

Folk ► Gevaa, Huraa (Maharashtra). Gangawaa.

Action ► Latex—antileprotic. The latex blisters the skin and is reported to cause blindness if it enters the eye. The juice, boiled in oil, is applied in rheumatism, paralysis and leprosy.

The leaves are toxic and contain gallo tannins (0.616 mg/g dry weight). Fresh twigs and bark contain a piscici-dal component. The latex is biocidal.

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