English Slipper Plant Bird Cactus

Folk ► Vilaayati-sher (Maharashtra), Naagaphani, Naagadaman (Madhya Pradesh).

Action ► Latex—used for warts, leucoderma, venereal diseases. Root—emetic (used in West Indies as Ipecacuanha).

An extract of the air-dried and powdered whole plant contains oc-tacosanol, cycloartenone, oxime and beta-sitosterol.

The latex from the stem contains the proteolytic enzyme, pedilanthain. It exhibited anti-inflammatory activity in carrageenan-induced rat paw oedema and was more effective than the control

470 Peganum harmala Linn.

drug phenylbutazone. The enzyme also showed anthelmintic property.

The leaves contain n-hentriaconta-nol and dehydrodammaronol-A. The root gave azafrin.

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